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Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you our….

“I’ve been at Tradies for 4 years because it’s a rewarding job. They recognise the hard work people put in and make sure they’re rewarded” – Kylie Larsen

Kylie has been voted staff member of the month twice in her time at Tradies but that’s only one of the examples of rewards we offer our staff. We’ve worked hard to make sure our Employee Agreement includes higher than average rates of pay and working conditions that reflect the importance we place on our staff.

Tradies has implemented various ways our staff are rewarded including: on the spot recognition and $20 Wish Card vouchers for staff who go the extra mile on shift, vouchers and recognition for staff who suggest club improvements, the opportunity to feel rewarded by volunteering in our local community as well as rewards for staff member of the month, rookie of the month and community volunteer of the month (voted by staff).

“You get all the benefits of the material rewards that make you feel valued as a staff member but also feel rewarded by having the opportunity to help your community and work with some really great people,” says Kylie. Elie Bassil, Tradies Chief Operating Officer, knows that recognition and rewards are an essential part of any workplace. “Work takes up a big part of peoples’ lives. Great staff, like Kylie, are our greatest asset and we want them to know how much we value their hard work.”

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